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Rules of the Pool

- Each week you will try to pick the winner of one baseball game.
- Games available for selection will be contested Friday through Sunday evening.
- If your selected team wins you move on. If your selected team loses you accumulate a 'strike'.
- Avoid accumulating 'strikes' (losses) because 3 'strikes' and you are out of the pool.
- Weekly results will be updated on the Leaderboard no later than Monday evening each week.
- The winner is the player who lasts the greatest number of weeks without striking out! $100 Amazon gift card awarded to this VERIFIED member.

Points of Interest / Other Rules

- All selections for the upcoming weekend of games will be automaticlly locked in each Friday at 12pm EST.
- No further editing of selections will be allowed once games are locked in. Up until each Friday at 12pm EST you may alter your selection on the site by logging in.
- If you fail to make a selection or miss the deadline you will automatically be awarded the home team for the Sunday night game as well as the home team for the Rain Out game.
- All selections will be immediately made public to the website, for the upcoming weekend, as well on Friday at 12pm EST.
- It's your responsibility to research games, pitchers, injuries, etc. Once selections are locked they can't be changed for either your primary game or the 'Rain Out' game regardless of injuries, illness, or other.
- Should a doubleheader occur on a day of a game selection the first game shall be the one used for official scoring.
- Open to all members with top prize being a $100 Amazon gift card for the WINNING VERIFIED member. We reserve the right to disqualify and/or kick out members with multiple accounts, so please just register once with your ideally 'VERIFIED' account. If you are not yet verified you have the summer to do so. More info here.
- In the event two, or more, players have the same number of wins after 'striking out' tie breaking rules will be used to determine the Champion. Total number of runs scored by your selected teams will be considered first - the winner being the player with the most runs.

Games Available for Selection

- Pool Administrators will select 10 games each week that are played Friday through Sunday evening.
- At least 3 games on Friday, 3 games on Saturday, and 3 games on Sunday will be included in the 10 games.
- The Sunday Night game will always be included as one of the 10 games.
- Of the 10 games, 5 will be from the AL and 5 from the NL, plus one 'Rain Out' game from either league.
- What's a 'Rain Out' game? Answer: In the event your chosen game is rained out, postponed, cancelled, or in general not played that weekend, the 'rain out' game selection will automatically kick in as your weekly selection. You may of course choose which team you think will win this 'rain out' game yet the default will be the home team. The rain out game offered each week will be one scheduled to play in a dome stadium or with an easily predictable dry climate/weather forecast.
- Repeat team picks are allowed unlike many NFL survivor pools. Pick the same team as many times as you'd like.


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