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Benny Catches 100th Ball On the Fly in 2015 Season

L.A. Ballhawk Wins Season-Long Competition Sponsored by DodgerFilms

Bobby "Dodgerfilms" Crosby and Benny with his prize

LA Ballhawk has caught 43% of his total balls "On The Fly" for 2015

Los Angeles ballhawk Benny Amesquita "Benny" had one thing on his mind when he took his place during batting practice in the Left Field Pavilion at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, September 15, catch his 100th ball "On the Fly" for the 2015 season.

Benny has been in a season long contest between several Dodger ballhawks to see who could catch the most homerun balls "On the Fly". Like most of the older Southern California ballhawks, Benny concentrates on hit balls and leaves most of the toss-ups for the younger fans. The competition originated from Bobby "Dodgerfilms" Crosby's idea to document the season-long competition though his successful Dodgerfilms you tube channel. Because of the popularity of the videos, Benny has become a crowd favorite during batting practice, with fans posing for pictures with him and cheering his catches. The Dodgers have since shut down Dodgerfilms filming inside of Dodger Stadium at the height of its popularity, but that did not slow Benny down as he continued to destroy the competition.

After having a ball fly just out of his reach and having another clank off of his forearm, Benny was getting a little anxious. Towards the end of the Colorado Rockies batting practice, outfielder Kyle Parker launched a long drive that was heading his way. Playing Parker about half way up the left field pavilion on the aisle, Benny could only watch helplessly as the ball fell short and into a group of five outstretched gloves. Miraculously, the ball bounced off of the sea of gloves and into Benny's ungloved right hand about 6 feet back.

At the time of his catch, Benny had snagged a total of 232 baseballs in 2015. His 100 catches "On the Fly" are an amazing 43% of his total balls. To grasp the significance of his "On the Fly" success rate, do the math on your own balls and you will realize just how difficult it is.

You can catch Benny on the Dodgerfilms You Tube channel or on Instagram and Twitter @Analogkid81.

Good luck to Benny and ballhawks everywhere as we head into the 2015 playoffs and the chance to snag more balls during the upcoming post season.

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