Having fun getting a MLB ball at the ball park. Giving a ball to a fan you meet at the game and making their day is rewarding.

6/04/2017 6:42 PM

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8-23-13 record 4 balls Orioles vs A's - lucky day!

9-25-19 GABP

3 game balls 9-25-19 @ GABP Cincinnati OH

GABP game ball 9-25-19 (1 of 3) for the day

5-9-18 KC pitcher Tim Hill tossed me warm up ball before BP, 50th anniv ball. Lucky to get.

5-24-19 Wei-Yin Chen autograph for friend from Taiwan that wanted his autograph on a ball. Took me several games over 2 years to get during BP

6-27-14 1st game ball - Foul ball hit by one of my favorite players Adam Jones . 60th anniv ball

6-7-17 Game Ball - final out top of 8th inning thrown to me by Adam Jones my 201st ball first 25th anniv commemorative

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