Up to 493 AAA balls, 32 Single-A Short Season Balls, and 3 Single-A balls. I have 44 AAA balls that I don't have record of how I got them.

5/29/2014 6:52 PM

Member Stadium Season
Ball #DateHome TeamVisiting TeamStadiumLocationPlayerNotePhoto
483 May 13, 2014BisonsBravesCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstEdward Salcedo  
479May 2, 2014BisonsKnightsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstJonathan Diaz  
477May 1, 2014BisonsKnightsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstKevin Pillar  
472Apr 29, 2014BisonsBatsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstThomas Neal  
469Apr 16, 2014BisonsYankeesCoca-Cola FieldUpper ThirdJuan Francisco  
466Apr 11, 2014BisonsRed SoxCoca-Cola FieldLower FirstHeiker Meneses  
450Aug 24, 2013BisonsIronPigsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstMauro Gomez  
422Aug 13, 2013BisonsChiefsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstJeff Kobernus  
382Aug 4, 2013BisonsRed SoxCoca-Cola FieldUpper ThirdAnthony Gose  
370Jul 22, 2013BisonsClippersCoca-Cola FieldOutside Park (Foul)Ezequiel Carrera 
362 Jul 20, 2013BisonsMud HensCoca-Cola FieldLower FirstBrad Davis  
263Jun 7, 2013BisonsIronPigsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstDarin Ruf  
262Jun 7, 2013BisonsIronPigsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstMichael Martinez  
239May 24, 2013BisonsIndiansCoca-Cola FieldUpper ThirdEugenio Velez  
234May 23, 2013BisonsIndiansCoca-Cola FieldLower ThirdAlex Presley  
233May 23, 2013BisonsIndiansCoca-Cola FieldUpper HomeJerry Sands  
230May 23, 2013BisonsIndiansCoca-Cola FieldLower FirstJared Goedert 
222May 21, 2013BisonsKnightsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstJordan Danks 
202May 19, 2013BisonsKnightsCoca-Cola FieldUpper FirstGordon Beckham 
176May 5, 2013BisonsBatsCoca-Cola FieldUpper ThirdRyan Langerhans  

33 Balls

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