Just finished up ballhawking the Arizona Fall League! 35 balls in 20 games, not terrible! There were 5 games that I did not get a ball at...

11/21/2016 2:14 AM

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Banner Island Ballpark


Ball #Ball TypeTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
30PracticeAfter GameLower ThirdThrownBrian Humphries 
29GameDuring GameLower HomeHitJuan Crousset 
28PracticeBP/Pre-GameLower ThirdThrownTyler Massey 
27PracticeBP/Pre-GameLower ThirdThrownWilliam Rankin 
26PracticeBP/Pre-GameOutside Park (Fair)HitAdison Russell 

Number of Balls: 5

= Practice Ball      = Game Ball


Bobby Crocker 
Seth Frankoff 
Blake Hassebrock 
Deyvi Jimenez 
Jose Macias 
Maxwell Muncy 
Myrio Richard 
Dusty Robinson 
Josh Whitaker 

Photos from this Game

Posing with my Oakland RF bleacher friends after the Ports 4-2 win over the Nuts on 4/21/13. I'm holding 4 of my 5 balls (Gave one away) along with the Nuts lineup card!

Lineup Card from the Modesto Nuts on 4/21/13 at Banner Island Ballpark after a 4-2 Ports win.

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