Just finished up ballhawking the Arizona Fall League! 35 balls in 20 games, not terrible! There were 5 games that I did not get a ball at...

11/21/2016 2:14 AM

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Banner Island Ballpark


Ball #Ball TypeTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
130GameDuring GameOutside Park (Foul)HitRyan Lollis 
129GameDuring GameOutside Park (Foul)HitDaniel Carbonell 
128GameDuring GameOutside Park (Foul)HitRenato Nunez 
127PracticeBP/Pre-GameRF BermHit  
126PracticeBP/Pre-GameRF BermHit   
125PracticeBP/Pre-GameRF BermHit   
124PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHit   
123PracticeBP/Pre-GameOutside Park (Fair)HitRenato Nunez  
122PracticeBP/Pre-GameOutside Park (Fair)HitRenato Nunez  
121PracticeBP/Pre-GameOutside Park (Fair)HitMatt Olson  

Number of Balls: 10

= Practice Ball      = Game Ball

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