Corpus Christi Hooks SS, Alex Bregman hits his 2nd walk-off HR in the bottom of the 10th inning. His 13th HR of the season and my 16th.

7/03/2016 12:40 AM

Member Stadium Season
Ball #Ball TypeDateHome TeamVisiting TeamStadiumTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
1894PracticeSep 8, 2016HooksRockHoundsWhataburger FieldDuring GameOutside Park (Foul)ThrownLou Trivino 
1768PracticeJul 3, 2016HooksDrillersWhataburger FieldDuring GameLower ThirdThrownKyle Smith  
1763GameJun 24, 2016RockiesChukarsSuplizio FieldDuring GameLower ThirdThrownTyler Bugner  
1670PracticeMay 8, 2016HooksMissionsWhataburger FieldBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownEric Yardley 
1613GameSep 10, 2015HooksRockHoundsWhataburger FieldDuring GameOutside Park (Foul)ThrownA Groundskeeper  
1579PracticeJul 27, 2015HooksMissionsWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower ThirdThrownLee Meyers 
1573PracticeJul 20, 2015HooksRockHoundsWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower FirstThrownBoy Bat  
1567PracticeJul 12, 2015HooksCardinalsWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower ThirdThrownAlfredo Gonzalez  
1562GameJul 2, 2015StarsBravesMGM BallparkDuring GameLower ThirdThrownDavid Rohm 
1560PracticeJul 1, 2015StarsBravesMGM BallparkAfter GameLower ThirdThrownBoy Bat  
1559GameJul 1, 2015StarsBravesMGM BallparkDuring GameLower ThirdThrownRio Ruiz 
1558GameJul 1, 2015StarsBravesMGM BallparkDuring GameLower ThirdThrownMatt Lipka 
1541GameJun 21, 2015HooksMissionsWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower FirstThrownGorman Erickson 
1540PracticeJun 20, 2015HooksRoughRidersWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower FirstThrownBoy Bat  
1537PracticeJun 18, 2015HooksRoughRidersWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower FirstThrownBoy Bat  
2028PracticeJun 17, 2015HooksRoughRidersWhataburger FieldAfter GameLower FirstThrownBat Boy  
1525GameJun 14, 2015BlazeNutsSam Lynn BallparkDuring GameLower FirstThrownJordan Patterson  
1524GameJun 13, 2015BlazeNutsSam Lynn BallparkAfter GameLower FirstThrownJason Starkovich 
1519GameJun 9, 2015RawhideJetHawksRecreation BallparkAfter GameLower ThirdThrownMalachi Moore 
1518PracticeJun 9, 2015RawhideJetHawksRecreation BallparkBP/Pre-GameLower ThirdThrownTyler Baker  

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