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The 2011 Photo Scavenger Hunt

If you're new to, last year I started a Photo Scavenger Hunt contest designed to create a fun and wacky competition among our members. The idea was to create a list of photo challenges -- some funny, some cool, some interesting, some difficult, and some just downright weird -- and assign a point value to each one. The member who collected the most points at the end of the season would be the winner. Here's the link to the original contest announcement.

The contest added another facet to besides ballhawking and was a ton of fun for everyone who participated. Todd and Tim Cook from Pennsylvania were the eventual winners, successfully earning all 100 possible points.

There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to run the contest again in 2011, but this time I wanted to actually involve the members in coming up with the list of photos. A couple months ago I sent out a request asking members to email me a list of ideas for 2011's Photo Scavenger Hunt, and I got some really good responses.

It was difficult narrowing the list down to a manageable number, but I think the final product makes for a really fun-filled contest. So without further introduction here are the official items in the 2011 Photo Scavenger Hunt:

  • You eating an ice cream helmet - 2 points
  • You buying food from a street vendor - 2 points
  • You using a ball retriever during BP - 2 points
  • You at the very front of the line at the gate prior to the gate opening (with proof of a line behind you) - 3 points
  • You and a 2011 commemorative baseball - 3 points
  • You throwing a ball to a player/coach - 4 points
  • You posing for a photo with a player (smiling for the camera) while wearing the hat of a different team in the same division - 4 points
  • You with a (real) World Series trophy (any year) - 4 points
  • You with at least 3 other members - 4 points
  • You playing a musical instrument outside the stadium with a crowd (5 or more people) gathered around to watch. - 5 points
  • Group photo - 15 people (may or may not include you) arranged in 3 rows of 5, each holding at least one baseball - 6 points
  • A "self portrait" of a player (have the player snap a photo of himself on the field with your camera) - 6 points
  • You with a 2011 MLB All-Star - 6 points
  • The text "" on the big screen, scoreboard, or a scrolling marquee of some sort at the ballpark - 7points
  • You and an MLB General Manager - 7 points
  • You and an MLB team owner - 8 points
  • You on the stadium big screen. - 8 points
  • You fake-punching another fan while in the background a fight/brawl is taking place on the field - 9 points
  • A player wearing a t-shirt - 10 points
  • BONUS: You with a stadium name sign in the background with you holding a baseball snagged that day at that stadium (1 point per stadium for a max of 30 points).

There are 100 points along with 30 potential bonus points for a total of 130 points. This year there will be a lot more on the site about the Scavenger Hunt. In fact, I've created a new page devoted entirely to the Scavenger Hunt (also available from the "Leaders" drop-down menu) and automated much of the process. Now whenever you upload a photo you'll see an option to submit it to the Scavenger Hunt contest. Your photo will show up on the Scavenger Hunt page and within a day or so will be officially accepted or rejected. The page will feature up to date standings. You'll also notice that you can also view 2010's contest from that page as well.

Once again, the prize for the winner is a $25 MLB Gift Card. And we'll also give this a trial run on the Minor League site as well, but there won't be a prize given out there (maybe next year though).

The fine print is below. Good luck! Less than a month to go!

UPDATE: Zack Hample has offered to double the prize by putting up $25 himself. The winner now takes home a $50 MLB Gift Card. Thanks Zack!

All photos must be taken during the 2011 calendar year. All photos must be uploaded to your account. The contest ends at the conclusion of the last World Series game. Each photo submitted will either receive the full point value, or no points, based entirely on the discretion of President Alan Schuster. Photos may be challenged as to their authenticity by submitting an email statement to Alan Schuster. The person with the highest point total will be awarded the $25 MLB Gift Card, to be mailed within 1 month after the last World Series game. In the event of a tie, the person who uploaded their final photo on the earliest date will be declared the winner.

Alan Schuster is a contributing columnist to

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