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The 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest

As baseball fans and ballhawks, sometimes we lose sight of what keeps bringing most of us back to the ballpark throughout the baseball season. We argue about who has the best ballhawking stats, nitpick about the "rules" of ballhawking, and throw a fit when our favorite teams goes on a losing streak, forgetting that at its core it's all really about one thing: having fun.

As the creator of, I realize that in order for this website to thrive in the long term, the main focus has to be on simply having fun. Yes, the website is packed full of statistics and leaderboards that can invite never-ending debates about who has the best baseball collection, but my aim is to build a community that promotes friendly, not cut-throat competition, and above all, FUN.

I've been thinking of ways to bring us all back to that fun-centered focus, and I've decided to go ahead and implement the first such idea. Many of us come to the ballpark armed not only with a glove and other ballhawking paraphernalia, but also with a camera and perhaps even a cameraman. We love snapping photos of our favorite players, our best ballhawking moments in progress, cool things we like about the stadium, and friends and other fans that we've met up with at the ballpark.

Have you ever been involved in a photo scavenger hunt? They're popular in church youth groups, school field trips, and team-building activities of all kinds. If you're not familiar with the concept, individuals or teams are given a camera along with a list of things to photograph. Usually the list is full of crazy, quirky, or just out-of-the ordinary items.

So it occurred to me, why not try this with the myGameBalls members? Most already bring a camera to the game and look for cool things to photograph, so why not come up with a list of crazy photographs, develop a point system, and put an MLB gift card on the line for some fun and friendly competition?

So today I am announcing the 2010 Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest. In the list below there are 100 total points, and the member with the highest score at the end of the year will be the winner. Here's the list:

  • You eating a funnel cake - 2 points
  • You giving a ball to a child under 10 years old - 2 points
  • You high-fiving a team mascot - 3 points
  • You and a ball girl (smiling for the camera) - 3 points
  • You and a 2010 commemorative baseball - 3 points
  • While snagging during bp, You wearing a white headband with "" written in black letters - 4 points
  • You and a fan who is wearing the jersey of a non-baseball professional sports team (smiling for the camera) - 4 points
  • You and an umpire (smiling for the camera) - 4 points
  • You fist-bumping a player - 5 points
  • A player tossing you a ball with the ball in mid-air - 5 points
  • You and a fan who is wearing the jersey of a player who retired prior to 1990 - 5 points
  • You holding a ball retriever with an usher or security guard about to cut the string (this can be staged) - 5 points
  • You wearing a pink backpack in the bleachers during bp - 5 points
  • You shaking hands with a tv reporter - 6 points
  • You and a myGameBalls Lifetime Top 10 Ballhawk (smiling for the camera) - 6 points
  • You and a 2010 MLB All-Star (smiling for the camera) - 7 points
  • You and a player over 40 years old (smiling for the camera) - 7 points
  • You wearing a pair of baseball pants in the bleachers during bp - 7 points
  • You cheering with the crowd, while in the background a player who just hit a home run is in between 2nd and 3rd base - 8 points
  • You and a guy with a mullet (smiling for the camera) - 9 points

So print out this list and keep it handy along with your list of team rosters. Remember, it's all about having fun.

The prize is a $25 MLB Gift Card (sorry, that's the best I can do). Again, let's have fun with this and not take it too seriously. But for those of you that like to have clear rules in place, here is the "Fine Print" for the contest:

All photos must be taken inside the stadium and be taken on or after April 1, 2010. For those requiring a photo with another Fan, the fan cannot be an immediate relative. All photos must be uploaded to your account. The contest ends at the conclusion of the last World Series game. Each photo submitted will either receive the full point value, or no points, based entirely on the discretion of President Alan Schuster. Photos may be challenged as to their authenticity by submitting an email statement to Alan Schuster. The person with the highest point total will be awarded the $25 MLB Gift Card, to be mailed within 1 month after the last World Series game. In the event of a tie, the person who uploaded their final photo on the earliest date will be declared the winner.

Alan Schuster is a contributing columnist to

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