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BP Out in Left Field

Too Cold For Baseball?

On Saturday, January 30th, I took my daughter Sarah to FanFest at the Ballpark in Arlington. I don't know if other parks/teams do this, but for those who may not know, FanFest is a big festival put on by the team that gives fans a chance to run the bases, catch pop flies in the outfield, tour the clubhouse, and pretty much just wander around the ballpark.

We went last year and it happened to fall on the first weekend of January, and we froze. It was almost too cold to have fun. This year, with it being at the end of the month, we thought we were golden, especially since the previous weekend's high was in the 50s. Wrong. We froze again!

When I say that it was almost too cold to have fun, by that I mean when you can't feel your legs rounding the bases, you probably shouldn't be running in that weather. It was COLD!

On the plus side, Sarah got to see Ian Kinsler in the clubhouse sitting around talking to the Rangers' future infielder Justin Smoak. We couldn't get to them of course, but it was cool to see some big league players just being guys.

I realize that the Rangers have a very tight window to schedule this event, but January is cold everywhere. Sure, some activities are inside which make it better, but the draw to most fans is being on the field, and when you lose feeling in your extremities participating, it sure takes a lot of the fun out of things.

Yes, I'm exaggerating a tad, but I think you get my point. What can be done to change it? There's no other time of year to reschedule it. They can't do it in February, that would be too close to leaving for Training Camp.

So what's the fix?

Should I just be quiet and enjoy the opportunity I have to be there in the first place? Probably, but I really want to know what your thoughts are, especially from those of you that have a similar event. What does your team do? When do they have it?

There more than likely is no real fix, other than getting some help with the weather!

Needless to say, we had a ball. I forgot to mention earlier that there are also Q & A sessions throughout the day with various players and coaches. Those are pretty cool, from the standpoint that you feel like you are part of an inner circle or something. An invitation only party with a player. At least that's how I feel about it!

So back to my original question, is January too cold for baseball? Could you go for year round ball? Are you fine with things as they are? Just curious.

Speaking for myself, I could go for year round baseball, as long as I could watch it on television.

January is just too cold for baseball!

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