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The 2012 Photo Scavenger Hunt

The 2012 baseball season has finally arrived, meaning it's time to start up the annual Photo Scavenger Hunt. If you haven't participated before, here's the idea: Go to a bunch of baseball games this year, bring a camera, and try to take as many photos on the following list as possible:

This list is a combination of suggestions sent to me by various members and should provide another fun and challenging contest.

To give a slight handicap to last year's participants and encourage new participants this year, the Bonus photos cannot be from a stadium that you used in last year's contest. Other than that the rules are all the same as last year, and a $25 MLB Gift Card is the prize.

Good Luck!

All photos must be taken during the 2012 calendar year. All photos must be uploaded to your account. The contest ends at the conclusion of the last World Series game. Each photo submitted will either receive the full point value, or no points, basedentirely on the discretion of President Alan Schuster. Photos may be challenged as to their authenticity by submitting an email statement to Alan Schuster. The person with the highest point total will be awarded the $25 MLB Gift Card, to be mailed within 1 month after the last World Series game. In the event of a tie, the person who uploaded their final photo on the earliest date will be declared the winner.

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