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Rangers Fan Snags Two Foul Balls

20-Year-Old Chase Eriksen Grabs Two Game Balls Saturday Night in Arlington

Brian Powell

Powell (right) tracked down Eriksen (left) for a photo after his second foul ball of the night.

Most members of come decked out in full MLB attire - a t-shirt and matching hat of their favorite team, and for the really hardcore ballhawk, a t-shirt and hat for the opposing team too. From that perspective, it doesn't seem fair when the guy who snags two foul balls in one game is a guy who showed up wearing an Alligator Polo.

Chase Eriksen of Dallas, Texas wore his blue collared polo shirt to Rangers Ballpark at Arlington on Saturday night, and by the middle of the game he was the envy of everyone who showed up with their favorite Hamilton or Kinsler replica jersey. The well-dressed 20-year-old from Dallas snagged not one but two foul balls from his seats in the second deck on the first base side.

myGameBalls member Brian Powell was across the stadium but eventually made his way over to talk with Eriksen and congratulate him on his snags. "I found out that he was in the ER that morning with a kidney stone and almost didn't go to the game," Powell said. "Pretty cool story I thought."

Eriksen was just glad to be in a baseball stadium instead of a hospital bed, and as fate would have it two game balls found their way into his hands. He may not have looked the part of a ballhawk, but he played the part very well.

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