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Jabs Reels in Number 400 of 2009

Final Goal of the Season is Accomplished Via the Glove Trick

Erik Jabs' Blog

Jabs poses with Ball #400

Five weeks ago, Pittsburgh ballhawk Erik Jabs accomplished his goal of snagging 300 balls in 2009. Needing a challenge for the remainder of the season, he decided to set a new goal -- reach the 400-ball plateau.

Jabs spent the month of September slowly adding to his total, inching closer to the goal. And last Friday at PNC Park, during the Pirates final homestand of the season, he snagged number 400 to put an exclamation point on his magical season.

Interestingly, number 400 was snagged in exactly the same way as number 300 -- via the glove trick. Jabs reeled it in from the center field bleachers during the Dodgers' portion of batting practice. It was his 62nd retrieved ball of the season, and his 10th of the game.

The snag wasn't anything extraordinary, but the significance of it certainly was. "Snagging 400 balls in a season is quite an accomplishment," he wrote on his blog. "I believe only Zack Hample, myself, and probably the Happy Youngster (who will likely do it soon) have snagged 400 or more regular season balls in one season."

With ball number 400 in hand, Jabs decided to head home and not stay for the game. At that point there wasn't anything left to accomplish.

Read the full report of Erik Jabs' 400th ball on his blog.

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