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Jabs Joins 500-Ball Club

500th Lifetime Ball Comes on BP Home Run at PNC Park

Erik Jabs snagged his 500th career baseball last week at PNC Park, joining the elite 500-Ball club that includes only 7 members of Having already met his season goal of 300 balls, Jabs' 500th met the career goal that he set out to accomplish by the end of 2009.

The milestone ball came during batting practice, when Shane Victorino blasted a home run right at Jabs in the right field bleachers. "I thought, 'There you are 500'," Jabs wrote on his blog. "However, the ball ended up short of my glove. I tried squatting down to make a basket catch, but the ball tipped off the end of my glove."

Jabs was disappointed that he didn't snag number 500 on the fly, but still didn't give up on the ball. "It hit a chair and shot to the right," he wrote. "It bounced off a white wall (near the Sec 144 sign), and began rolling back towards me. I boxed out another fan in pursuit and picked up ball #7 of the day, #500 of my career." With the 500th ball, Jabs essentially has accomplished everything he set out to do this season, with an entire month to spare. Not content to just ride out the rest of the season, Jabs immediately posted a new goal for the last month of the year - "Snag 63 balls in September, so as to get to 400 balls in 2009." And with the way this year has been going, he may just do it.

Already looking ahead to next season, Jabs hopes to snag his 1000th career baseball by the end of 2010. Once again it is a lofty goal, but if this season is any indicator of what may be in store for Jabs in 2010, he could indeed be closing in on 1000 at this time next year.

Read more about Erik Jabs' 500th Career Baseball on his Blog.

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