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Kopp Dominates Field, Earns Scavenger Hunt Crown

Baltimore Ballhawk Racks Up 86 Points, Puts an End to Cook Dynasty

Kopp somehow convinced Larry Bigbie to participate in this 14-point photo.

For the first time in the six year history of the Photo Scavenger Hunt, we have a winner not named Cook.

Baltimore ballhawk Alex Kopp held the top spot in the standings all year long, decisively defeating all competing scav-hunters including the five-time champion Cook family. He successfully submitted 13 photos totalling 86 points, more than doubling the next highest total.

Kopp's biggest point-earning photos were a photo with 84 year-old former Oriole Joe Durham (16 points), a bicep-flexing photo with Larry Bigbie (14 points), a photo with Tommy Hunter's wife (14 points), and a photo with a pair of game used batting gloves (8 points).

Oakland ballhawk Nick Badders finished in second place with 35 points, followed by the Cooks (30 points), Gabi Josefson (8 points), and Angel Arroyo (2 points).

Visit the Photo Scavenger Hunt page to see all the photos submitted in this year's contest.

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