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Jabs Reaches Goal, Snags 300th Ball of 2009

Uses the Glove Trick to Fish Milestone Ball out of Nationals Park Bullpen

Having snagged 128 balls last season, Erik Jabs easily could have set a 2009 goal of 150 balls, possibly 200. But wanting to establish himself as a premier Ballhawk, Jabs set his sights on 300, over twice his total from last year. "It is a lofty mark that I had set as my goal prior to the season," Jabs wrote on his blog.

Visiting Nationals Park for the first time, he knew that 300 was within reach and wanted to pull off a memorable snag for his milestone ball. "I was hoping that #300 would be a home run catch on the fly, or possibly a toss up from a top player," he wrote.

So when he snagged his 299th and then saw a ball fly into the bullpen, Jabs had to think twice before doing a simple glove trick for his 300th. "I let the ball sit there for about two minutes before deciding that I had to go for it," he wrote.

Jabs reeled the ball in, disappointed that it wasn't a more exciting snag yet satisfied at matching his pre-season goal. Even Jabs probably didn't foresee himself reaching the goal with over a month left in the season. With a production September, he could even eclipse the 400 mark.

Read more about Erik Jab's 300th Ball of 2009 on his blog.

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