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Fischer Snags First Career Game Home Run

Clutch Snag of Trevor Plouffe's Game-Tying Homer is First Gamer Recorded at Target Field

Mateo Fischer's Blog

Fischer poses with his first game home run ball.

A few short weeks ago Mateo Fischer decided to introduce one of his college buddies to the world of ballhawking. The New York ballhawk, who now resides in Minnesota for college, invited a friend to a game at Target Field hoping to show him a few things about his favorite hobby. He did much, much more.

Not only did Fisher snag his first career game home run, he did it in the bottom of the ninth inning on a game-tying bomb. The homer off the bat of Trevor Plouffe put an exclamation point on a season in which he's snagged over 200 baseballs.

Fischer wasn't very prepared when the ball left Ploluffe's bat -- in fact he didn't even have his glove on. He navigated the fly ball perfectly while trying to slip his glove on, and somehow managed to pull off the greatest snag in his young ballhawking career.

"Unfortunately, I only had the glove half on, so I couldn't squeeze it at all," he wrote. "and the best I could do was pull the ball towards me as to not have it skip away from me before I could grab it on the ground."

At that point Fischer was beyond pumped, and the entire thing had been captured on video. He even got a chance to see it on the Jumbotron after the game.

For a first career game home run as a ballhawk, not much could top this. Soon after the snag Fischer began reflecting on what he had accomplished.

"What made the home run *even* better was it was the first game home run ball snagged in the outfield at Target Field on," he wrote. "It was just recently that I started calling Target Field home because of the University of Minnesota, so it's nice to be the first one on mygameballs to record a hit game home run snag, and do something I could never in any of my other stadiums."

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