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Ballhawks Gather for BallhawkFest, Snag 52 Balls

myGameBalls Members From Across the Country Converge on PNC Park for Fun-Filled Event

Todd Cook

Back Row (L-R): Yohanek, Sinisi, Meyer, Weiss, Cook and Son. Front Row: Tim Cook, Sporcic

The 2nd Annual BallhawkFest was held last weekend in Pittsburgh, and once again a great time was had by all. Ballhawks converged on PNC Park from Kansas City, Cincinnati, New Jersey, Milwaukee, and Pennsylvania, creating an all-star cast competing for balls during batting practice. When all was said and done, a total of 52 balls were snagged and no one got shut out.

Rick Sporcic led all ballhawks with 8 balls, followed by Todd and Tim Cook with 7, Alex Kopp with 7, Zac Weiss with 6, Garrett Meyer with 6, Robbie Sacunas with 6, Rocco Sinisi with 4, and Nick Yohanek with 2. Balls were also snagged by Todd's father (5) and mother (1).

The event also featured a home run derby at a local park which was won by Pittsburgh ballhawk Rick Sporcic who put on an impressive hitting display, smashing 19 home runs in Round 2. After the derby, BallhawkFest participants gathered at the Spaghetti Warehouse for food, drink, and good times.

The Pittsburgh event was just one half of the 2012 BallhawkFest, the other half to be held in Los Angeles on July 28.

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