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Alex K Snags First Career Game Ball

Grabs First Ever Foul Ball Thursday Night at Metrodome

Serious ballhawks love racking up batting practice balls, but nothing beats snagging a live game ball. Until last Thursday, Alex K had snagged 191 baseballs for the year, but none of them were live game balls. Finally, on his recent trip to the Metrodome in Minnesota, he experienced the thrill of his first foul ball.

Alex, at the Metrodome for the first time, found a great spot to position himself during the game. "It was a great spot," he wrote on his blog. "To my left was about 4 empty seats and then a cross-aisle right in front of some seats embedded into the wall that was about 20 feet long." The position allowed tons of mobility. "So I pretty much had about 85 feet of space to run back and forth between," he wrote. "But at times the aisle to my right got really crowded."

In the top of the 4th, left-handed hitter Mark Teahen fouled a pitch back in the general direction where Alex was standing. He sprinted towards the ball. "It bounces off the wall, specifically a banner, specifically a giant Twins symbol right in the center of said banner," he wrote. "It bounces off the wall heading back towards the seats, but I get there in time and I am able to get my 5th baseball and my 1st lifetime game ball. Wow."

"Wow" pretty much says it all. All of the great ballhawks still remember the exhilerating feeling of snagging their first game ball. Years from now, even decades from now, Alex will look back on his foul ball snag at the Metrodome and remember how great it felt to finally get that elusive first gamer.

Read more about Alex K's first game ball on his blog.

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