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Fischer Snags Fourth Career Foul Ball

After a Tough Batting Practice at Citi Field, New York Ballhawk Tracks Down Ball Hit By Angel Pagan

Mateo Fischer

Despite a rough start, Fischer's day at Citi Field ended on a high note with the foul ball.

New York ballhawk Mateo Fischer endured a brutally tough batting practice last Monday at Citi Field, so brutal that he ended up with just one ball. It was so bad that only one thing could possibly salvage his day -- a foul ball or home run during the game.

"One or two cheap third out balls were not going to help my day," he remarked.

It took six innings, but late in the game Fischer got his chance and was able to redeem himself from a terrible BP outing. Angel Pagan sliced a foul ball into his section down the third base line.

"I ran down the stairs and to my left, not looking where the ball was," he said. "Just as I turned around to see where the ball was, it came whizzing by two feet from me and hit two seats away. I then quickly grabbed the ball and made my way back to 'my' seat. I wish I would have caught it on the fly as I did that on a Nate McLouth foul ball in Atlanta earlier in the year but a foul ball is a foul ball. It definitely will be something to cherish, though."

It was Fischer's fourth career foul ball and second of the season.

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