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Romano Snags First Career Gamer

New York Ballhawk Battles Another Fan for Russell Martin Homer, Comes Out Victorious

Stephen Romano

Romano proudly displays his first career game home run ball.

Last Tuesday night there were over 40,000 fans at Yankee Stadium and 17 year-old Stephen Romano watched the game from the left field bleachers knowing that his chances of snagging a ball would be slim. He had been shut out during batting practice, so it was looking like he would end up going home empty-handed.

But as luck would have it, Russell Martin came to the plate and ripped a home run literally right at him. The ball was tracking directly into Romano's glove, but there was intense competition for the ball in the crowded Yankee Stadium bleachers. Romano got a slight push from another fan, sending him to the pavement. It would have been easy to give up at that point, but he kept his eyes on the ball as he tried to lift himself off the ground.

When the ball arrived Romano was still crouched down like a catcher, and before he knew it the ball had sailed past the other fans trying to snag it and ended up in his glove. As Romano felt the ball in his mitt, the fight still wasn't over.

"I saw the same guy who pushed me try to quickly reach in my glove and i just covered it up and rejoiced," he said. "I think if he didn't push me it wouldn't have been hard but i guess that made the story more fun to tell."

The crowd around him was celebrating the homer, and Romano was caught up in the moment, enjoying the thrill of snagging his first career game home run. "I went crazy after it jumping up and high fiving every fan in my section," he said.

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