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Jonesy67 Takes Lead in Photo Scavenger Hunt

Orioles Fan Submits Four Photos For a Combined 15 Points

Avi M

Avi begins to devour his funnel cake in the Oriole Park concourse while a friend holds the plate.

Baseballs aren't the only thing that Baltimore ballhawk Avi M (Jonesy67) has been collecting this season. He's also been collecting points in the Photo Scavenger Hunt and has recently increased his total to 15 points to take a commanding lead.

Avi is a regular at Camden Yards batting practice and currently is a Top 10 ballhawk in 2010 with a total of 96 balls. While he's always on the lookout for good snagging opportunities, he also keeps his eyes open for good photo opportunities, particularly ones that will earn him points in the contest.

When Avi purchased one of Oriole Park's famous funnel cakes, he paused for this photo while digging in to the 760 calorie treat. In addition to the delicious snack, he earned himself 2 points.

He also tracked down the Orioles' mascot and captured this photo of a high-five with The Bird to earn himself 3 more points.

A more difficult one to get is a photo of a fan wearing the jersey of a non-baseball professional sports team. Well, actually with the Orioles over 20 games out of first place it probably isn't too hard to find someone like this guy wearing a Ravens' jersey at Camden Yards. That's 4 more points for Avi.

His highest point total for a single photo was this shot taken with Zack Hample. A photo with a Lifetime Top 10 ballhawk is worth 6 points, and of course Hample's 4,500+ total is the highest on the website.

Photos must be uploaded to in order to get credit for points, and at this point there doesn't appear be anyone with a higher total than Avi's 15 points. The total possible points is 100 though, so there's plenty of room for competitors to emerge.

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